Life Choices

  • Management & Administration, Solutions & Services (MASS) is a strategic management consultancy firm, helping clients to realise and accomplish their true potential by combining research, services and domain expertise.
  • Founded on the ideology of giving, our aim is to nurture a foresight that helps in evolution of ethical and profitable practices to avail opportunities and pre-empt impending obstacles. We assess all available resources to provide pathways for their optimum utilisation. Our reliable expertise is based on an ongoing independent strategic research which has successfully integrated primary data from 8000+ entities since 1989.
  • We specialise in identifying and bridging gaps between relationships such as Industries-Institutions, Ownership-Management, Requirement-Availability, Financial partner-Working partner, Employers-Employees, Faculty members-Students, Parents-Children, Talent and Opportunity.

  • Career Line Institute of Multiple Businesses (CLIMB) is a management consultancy firm providing planning and implementation support through which our clients and their organisations can maximise their potential.
  • In Industry and Academia, challenges exist due to the absence of practical application of theoretical knowledge or ideological differences between two segments within organisations. We prepare our clients to tackle these challenges effectively through our domain expertise.
  • Every organisation has multiple layers of leadership in which the most capable individuals can train their colleagues. Our aim is to help our clients in planning processes that encourages this understanding. This can include implementation support for expertise training, nurturing abilities and process re-modelling. Through utilisation of these pivotal tools, we enable every member of an organisation to individually and collectively contribute towards sustainable development and growth.
  • Learning Experientially According to Relevant Needs LEARN is a social initiative by (CLIMB)

  • MASS CLIMB is a joint initiative, working with the organised as well as the unorganised sector to provide turn-key solutions.
  • Our aim is to develop a professional environment for our client’s organisation, which in itself becomes solution oriented and sustainable for a growth towards optimum productivity, benefits and profits. We focus on imparting consultation, planning and implementation support by building a value-based approach which links the speed of the entrepreneur and performance of the manpower.
  • We also introduce our clients to further opportunities & possibilities of strategic alliance partnerships, joint ventures, collaborations, mergers, acquisitions and venture capitalist funding in order to establish, manage and grow their organisation to newer heights, nationally and internationally.